Car seats are meant to keep your children safe in the event of an accident while in the car. However, according to the website of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., defects, malfunctions, and poor designs are often the cause of injury to children in the event of a crash.

Poor design can lead to injury or even death of the young passenger. Children must always be seated in a straight, upright position to be safe. If a car seat allows the child to recline in any sort, then it should not be used. The seats also must be made of durable, shock resistant plastic. If it breaks with regular use and is undetected or breaks in the event of a crash then it will be unable to properly restrain the child and prevent harm. Poor deign often leads to misuse as well. There can be many straps and buckles that need to go in specific locations, but if they are not labeled well then it can be difficult to use the seat properly.

There are common weak points with the most frequently used designs as well. A three-point harness provides little support in the pelvic area, which can lead to ejection. A t-shield style buckle isn’t much better. Neck forces can be up to forty times higher in these restraints, and the large, rigid buckle can come up and hit the child in the throat, causing injury. Even the placement of the central clip can be critical. If it is placed too low or high, the child can be ejected even if the harness is used properly.

Injury or death of a child due to a defect in a child’s car seat is not only emotionally taxing and physically taxing but financially as well. The website of Detroit personal injury lawyers at Ravid & Associates, P.C. states that if death or injury to a child occurs due to a defect in their car seat, then the manufacturers are responsible. Consult with an attorney or lawyer in your area that specializes in auto accidents and defects to learn more about your legal options.