Driving while intoxicated is against the law, so doing it has designated penalties, such as fines, license suspension, jail time, and installation of an ignition interlock in your vehicle. There are many drivers out there who still do the offense despite the possible consequences, as if they do not understand how terrible these consequences can be even after paying the fines and completing jail times.

Having a drunk driving record may make it harder for them to find another job, especially jobs that require driving, like delivery services and trucking. But one of the most underrated consequence of drunk driving is the inability to drive because of a license suspension.

It is harder to get around

If you cannot use your own car, you will need someone to drive for you, but honestly, nobody has the time to be your driver. You will end up using the transportation options in your area. Public transportation isn’t always convenient. In fact, there are many instances where it can become a hassle. The packed trains are uncomfortable. You can get mugged in a bus. Waiting for the bus to arrive takes a lot of your time. All these inconveniences can build up and negatively impact your life.

It is harder to commit to responsibilities

You may be physically and mentally drained upon your arrival to your destination. This is tolerable if your destination is only a recreational area, but what if it is your school or workplace? Your performance can suffer, and you may face consequences because of it.

Responsibilities at home, like shopping for groceries, can be a lot harder if you do not have the privilege of driving. Failing to do household duties may also create tension.

You can get your license suspended for a longer period

The penalties of your DWI charge may depend on your previous record and the circumstances of your arrest. For example, doing the offense for the first time may result into a 6-month license suspension, but doing it for the second time may elevate that suspension to at least 1 year. That is at least one full year where you will have a harder time going around the city and committing to your responsibilities.